She Loves Her Job at Foodhills in Bjuv

Her dream is to one day work as a CEO or own her own business. To run something as an engaged entrepreneur. After completing the economic program, she took a job as a Quality Controller and Photostudio operator at an e-commerce company in the clothing and fashion industry. After four years, she felt it was time to take on new challenges.

Commuting between Helsingborg and Bjuv

Since 24-year-old Madeleine Truumeel grew up in Bjuv, green peas are a part of her DNA. She has previously had summer jobs at the factory. Therefore, she applied for a job as an economic and sales assistant in late fall 2022 and today works with finance, sales, and in the lab where green peas undergo various processes and are quality graded before freezing.

“I enjoy the variety and feel that I am slowly but surely gaining insight into the entire operation. Being part of the development of the food of the future is both rewarding and fun,” Madeleine shares.

She herself enjoys eating green peas with a meal or making vegetable mixes where green peas are always included.

Madeleine is One of the People You Talk to When You Call Foodhills

With more people answering, presence and availability increase now during harvest times when many growers and partners often want contact. Although Madeleine hasn’t worked at Foodhills for very long, she has good contact with everyone. Could it be because she is a down-to-earth horse girl with two horses of her own? She is also engaged in the administrative parts of both finance and sales and wants to learn everything about the operation. Such as attending meetings with clients from abroad, booking transportation, or handling VIP growers who are already expressing their interest in growing green peas for 2024.

“We are like a family with a very genuine and nice corporate culture where everyone is equally engaged and develops together,” believes Madeleine, who wishes for better development in Swedish food production for the future.

Who knows, maybe one day Madeleine will become the CEO of Foodhills, or maybe she will come up with a fantastic business idea on how to use Swedish green peas in the food of the future.

More and more women are applying to Foodhills, mainly as seasonal workers during harvest times, which shows an increased interest in food production. It is now quite common to see, for example, young women driving combine harvesters and even transport vehicles with peas for further processing at the facility in Bjuv.

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