Pea Cultivation Increases by Nearly 900%

Since Foodhills AB was founded in Bjuv in 2017, the number of green pea growers has significantly increased in Skåne and Halland. Hundreds of farmers now use peas as an obvious part of their crop rotation. In 2022 alone, the number of growers in Foodhills’ network of partners doubled and between 2017 and 2022, cultivation in Skåne increased from 350 to 3,490 hectares*.

An Attractive Crop and Sustainable Food

There are multiple reasons for this. As a crop, green peas are an excellent break-crop with a high pre-crop value. Not only are the peas an attractive crop in themselves, but they also contribute to healthier soils, reduced need for fertilization, and better subsequent harvests. These environmental benefits are something that more and more consumers are becoming aware of. Green peas are continuously identified as a food of the future and receive the highest recommendation in the World Wildlife Fund’s list of sustainable foods**.

Strong Local Roots

Future and sustainability are also themes that characterize another important part of Foodhills’ operations. Unlike the majority of Sweden’s larger food producers, Foodhills is not owned by foreign entities but by Skåne-based Backahill AB. Foodhills represents a genuine commitment to Swedish food production, and many growers appreciate being part of a business with strong local roots.

A Legacy for the Future

Of course, pea cultivation in southern Sweden is not a new occurrence. Skåne and Halland farmers have been growing peas for many decades, and Foodhills’ mission is largely about carrying the existing knowledge into the future. Providing seeds and harvesting, passing on advice and expertise, and offering the best possible compensation are some of the efforts made by Foodhills as part of this.

Towards Increased Profitability

Despite good progress over recent years, further steps are now being taken to increase growth even more. To find more time for planning and thus increase the conditions for even better profitability, growers are now offered the opportunity to sign up for the 2024 harvest already. A special reward is also available for those who register before the end of summer: Become a VIP Grower – Foodhills

* Foodhills AB, **

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