Growers Meeting 2023 – Large Turnout & Deepened Connections

Thursday, October 19th marked the day for this year’s edition of Foodhills’ growers meeting. Over 600 participants visited Foodhills during the day, and despite the onset of autumn with cold winds, the response was almost exclusively positive. A steady stream of visitors came to the meeting and left with happy faces, deepened contacts, and new knowledge about Foodhills’ operations.

Photos from the meeting

Growers & Public

New for this year was that the meeting lasted a full eight hours, between 12-20 o’clock. Unlike last year, visitors from the public were also invited. The participants consisted of both curious residents of Bjuv, who wanted to see Foodhills’ new factory, and growers who came from significantly farther away in both Skåne and Halland.

A Long-Term Commitment

The new factory is an important part in Foodhills’ long-term investment in Swedish food production, and a large part of the meeting took place in the new factory premises. After the visitors were welcomed with a map of the area and a tips-note for the popular quiz walk, they got to walk down to the cleaning line and the factory’s entrance. There, Foodhills’ new combine harvester was also parked, which many participants took the opportunity to climb into and take a closer look at.

High-Tech Production

The visit then continued inside the factory itself, where participants had the opportunity to see the various steps of Foodhills’ high-tech production of peas, which includes processes such as blanching, freezing, packaging, as well as laboratory and quality assurance work. Along the way, Foodhills staff were also present to guide, provide more information about the production, and answer questions.

A Food with Great Potential

Another appreciated stop was the temporary restaurant set up at one end of the factory. Green peas are a food with great potential for a variety of exciting dishes, and during the meeting, Jan Boris-Möller was invited as a guest chef. He offered pheasant cubes with apple & pea chutney along with tangy green pea puree, which participants had the opportunity to enjoy at standing tables built from pallets around the room.

Building Good Relationships

A crucial part of Foodhills’ operations is good and lasting relationships with growers around Skåne and Halland. Many of the visitors at this year’s meeting were both current and new growers of green peas. During the day, Foodhills’ cultivation consultants, as well as staff from Magnihill and the growers’ association, were frequently visited by growers who wanted to discuss the collaboration around the cultivation of peas for upcoming seasons.

World-Leading Quality

Skåne and Halland have unique conditions for the cultivation of green peas, and thanks to the world-leading quality, Foodhills’ peas are sold for export all over the world. Information about this, as well as a gift with Foodhills’ own bag of peas, was something that visitors also got to take home at a concluding station at the meeting.

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