Generational Shift in the Pea Factory

The visionary behind the founding of Foodhills in 2017 was, in many ways, Peab founder and Skåne entrepreneur Erik Paulsson. Today, Foodhills’ story continues through Erik’s children Svante Paulsson and Sara Karlsson, who took over Backahill AB in 2022. They now own 50% each and continue to be a family company that owns, develops, and manages properties. They continue the journey in the same footsteps, striving for long-term relationships in partnerships.

In the area of business development, they take their responsibility as active community actors and engage in the development of selected regions. There, they work to ensure that people enjoy living, working, and thriving.

Long-Term and Sustainable

Building a better and more sustainable society is one of the goals as property owners. Attractive destinations are another business area that focuses on the Bjärehalvön and Ängelholm. For instance, well-known facilities such as Hotel Riviera Strand, Hotel Skansen, and Torekov Hotell with popular restaurants like Pepes Bodega, Papas, and Sand are part of their ventures.

Sophisticated Pea Dishes at Restaurant Sand in Hotel Skansen

Here, one can, for example, enjoy “fine dining” in the form of a special menu: Green Pea Croquette, Lightly Smoked Mushroom Tartare, Char-Grilled Winter Cabbage, Jalapeno, Baked Pearl Onions, Frothy Pea Broth. Naturally, with local green peas.

Northern Europe’s Most Efficient Pea Factory

Moving back to green peas, the demand for vegetable proteins is increasing globally and, in the first phase, the operations in Foodhills’ facilities focus on increasing volumes, quality, and profitability in pea cultivation. With substantial investments in new equipment, Foodhills will become Northern Europe’s most efficient pea factory. Two of the latest projects in Bjuv are protein producers GroPro AB and GroPro Solution AB, both closely linked to pea cultivation. The protein production in Bjuv is the first of its kind in Sweden.

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