Exports are an important part of Foodhills’ business. In fact, we export around 90% of our products.

Our home base, Sweden, has a good reputation abroad, and is well known for both caring for the environment and top-quality products. Among these products are its green peas, which many consider to be the world’s best.


Our range

Foodhills offers around 10 different varieties, sizes and classes of peas varying in flavour, sweetness, use and price. Some of our produce is also organic.

You’re welcome to speak to our sales manager about your specific requirements and wishes.

Did you know?
Our products are 100% traceable, and are grown and harvested with superior flavour, the environment and future generations in mind.


A premium selection from among the best peas from this year’s harvest. Top-quality flavour, sweetness and texture. The world’s best peas for the most exclusive occasions.


Our finest, sweetest peas from this year’s harvest. High-quality flavour and size.


In our eyes, a petite green pea is the best thing you can be! Only the most discerning chefs request Extra Fine for their cuisine. These peas are the most difficult variety to grow, making them the most exclusive, most beautiful addition to gourmet fare.


Our wide range of products has something for everyone – including green peas perfect for turning into all-new creations, like delicious soup.

Foodhills’ green peas are certified and available for sale world-wide. Thanks to first-class quality control at our labs and quality managers who monitor our process from seed to
finished product, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

We grow our peas in the richest soil and the best possible climate in southern Sweden. Our growers are also highly experienced, since pea farming is a tradition dating back to the 1940s
in our region.

Foodhills’ green peas are frozen a maximum of 3 hours after harvest, after being washed and passing quality control. We then pack them in bulk, ready for immediate shipping to you in
freight containers via lorry and boat.

Foodhills currently exports to:

  • the Nordic region and Europe (e.g., Greece, Germany, Norway, Finland and Spain)
  • South, North and Central America
  • Asian countries such as China and Taiwan
  • Australia and South Africa.

Contact our Sales Department today

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