Peas are our future

Foodhills AB is a dynamic, constantly-evolving enterprise. Our focus today is on growing and selling frozen green peas.

Thanks to our region’s strong farming tradition and knowledge-sharing among local growers in Skåne and Halland counties, in just a short time, Foodhills has succeeded in building a cooperative organisation that’s expected to produce 10,000 tonnes of green peas in 2021.

Given the rising interest in legumes as a food of the future, our growth potential is enormous. In fact, Foodhills’ products are already in demand all over the world, with X tonnes of peas exported in 2020.

Cultivate for us

Our vision

Foodhills’ vision is to develop an innovative, sustainable and resource-efficient food production process. We also aim to inspire others pursuing the same goals.

Our headquarters are located at Bjuv in southern Sweden, and together with Foodhills Fastigheter, we also run a food production centre for organisations and businesses interested in growth and innovation.

The future

Foodhills’ vision is based on the understanding that future food production must be sustainable and follow resource-management and recycling best practices.

In cooperation with growers, government authorities, public-sector stakeholders and universities, Foodhills strives to be a catalyst that stimulates innovation, improved knowledge and employment with the aim of developing a sustainable, circular approach to food production.


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Bengt Göran Persson

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Our story

Bengt Göran Persson and Erik Paulson are the names behind the Foodhills business concept. Through their vision for the future of circular food production that supports sustainable global development, they hope to pave the way for a greener future.

The closure of foods group Findus’ production facility in Bjuv in 2017 left 650 workers facing an uncertain future. Many growers throughout Skåne County were also forced to adapt to a new and sobering reality. A regional coordinator was appointed in 2016 ahead of the closure to minimise the losses caused by Findus’ decision.

Foodhills AB was founded in late 2016, with Bengt Göran Persson as CEO and chairman of the board. Work to develop Findus’ former facilities began in the spring of 2017, and Foodhills took possession of its new headquarters on 1 February 2018.

Karl Wilhelm Beckman was later appointed CEO in 2019, and was tasked with implementing Foodhills’ ideas for commercial purposes.

Today, the demand for vegetable proteins continues to increase, and Foodhills produced 8,500 tonnes of peas in 2020 to help meet this need. What’s more, we aim to increase our harvest to 20,000 tonnes by 2024.

In line with our expansion goals, we also began work on an all-new production facility at Bjuv during 2021.